Letter from Pastor Colvin

Capetown, South Africa

February 21, 2010

Greetings to all the people of God at Leigh Street Baptist Church,

I hope all of you are well today. We have been away only a week now but we miss all of you guys already.  We are having a great time with our son (Chris), daughter-in-law (Natalie) and grandchildren (Nicholas and Olivia). The trip was good although very long, about 23 hours. We are recovering though.

Today, Sunday Feb 21st, we went to Khayelitsha Township to El Shaddai Christian Ministries to worship together and to ordain Monwabisi Maqogi to the Gospel Ministry. Martha and I have known Monwa since our first trip to Capetown in 2001. He and Chris became very close friends while Chris was doing research for his Ph.D. Monwa is the most active pastor that I have seen anywhere. His love for his people and their needs is always expansive. He is a good role model for me.

He has overcome great distress and injury while in prison for his political views in South Africa. After his release his mother gave him a bible and as he read it he realized that the God who changed people's lives long ago could still change his life.  He became a christian, gave up his anger and bitterness, and dedicated his life to serving the Lord and bringing others to know Christ. He is a humble man who sees himself as a servant of God.

The service today started with one and a half hours of singing, then three hours of preaching (including the ordination). It was quite a day, a very good day. Martha and I are very glad to have been a part of this very special service and we are so happy that Leigh Street shares our love for Monwa, his family, and the church. The people of the church wanted us to express to you how much they appreciate your support, prayers, and your allowing us to spend some time with them. They are a warm, loving congregation that I know you would love too if you met them.

We will go back to the church and do something with children a little later. I am going to preach to a group of area pastors on Thursday (pray for me).

That's all for now I'll write again soon.


James and Martha

Leigh Street Baptist Church ©2010